Why Jitsu?

If you just want to have fun and meet new people while learning life saving skills then join us!

We believe that everyone should have self-confidence and be skilled in self-defence.

Our instructors are passionate about passing on their knowledge. You will learn in a fun and friendly environment at your own pace. We welcome beginners and experienced martial artists alike!

Japanese Jiu-Jitsu is a martial art adapted to today’s lifestyle. We will teach you a system of locks, throws and strikes to stay safe in every situation.

What is Jitsu?

Jitsu is a martial art based on the traditional styles of Ju-Jutsu that originated and developed in feudal Japan and was used by samurai in unarmed combat. The core of the art comprises a system of throws, joint locks, and strikes.

It is based on the principal of using an aggressor’s energy to their own disadvantage, Jitsu skills can be used by men, women, and children to counter aggressive situations ranging from unwanted harassment to armed physical assault.

UTS Jitsu



Monday 18:20-20:00
Wednesday 18:20-20:00

We train at ActivateFit, UTS Building 4, 745 Harris St, Ultimo. To get there:

  • Central train station (10min walk)
  • Central Bus station (5min walk)
  • Parking available (on Thomas Street)

We are a UTS Sport club, the fees cover the renting of the dojo, new equipment and the Australian Ju Jitsu Association (AJJA) membership. The AJJA membership automatically insures you under the instructor’s policy.

Meet the instructors

Franck Royer

Franck started martial arts when he was 14 years old in Bordeaux, France.

He practiced Mushin Ryu Ju-Jutsu until he moved to the UK where he practiced Shorinji Kan Jiu-Jitsu up to black belt with The Jiu-Jitsu Foundation.

Franck founded Sydney Jitsu in 2014 which branched to UTS Jitsu in 2017 where he is the lead instructor.

Franck is dedicated to the progress of his students while still training jitsu and various other martial arts around Sydney.

Stuart Seabrooke

Stuart started Jitsu in the UK whilst at Loughborough University for fitness and self-defense in 2006.

Stuart has trained in Muay Thai Kickboxing, Judo and a little bit of Iaido.

Stuart moved to Sydney in 2015 and joined Sydney Jitsu soon after. Stuart became an instructor (brown belt) in 2016 and is keen to help pass on his knowledge to the next generation of Jitsukas.

  • I started doing Jitsu because it looked like a good way of keeping fit & if at the same time I could learn how to defend myself then all the better. For the past 2 years I have trained under Sensei Franck’s tutelage, which has been excellent. In that time I have achieved increased confidence, great friendships and I am the fittest I have been in years. Sensei Franck is an excellent Jitsu teacher who creates a welcoming environment to learn Jitsu.  
    Chris M.
  • It’s hard to come up with something else than positive outcomes when I think about my Jitsu experience overall. I’m baffled when I think how poor was my perception of this martial art before I started, I was thinking about some kind of a dusty and ultra traditional practice. I found a very welcoming, fun yet intense sport with just the hint of formalism to make it really serious and progressive. Put your Gi on and join us on the mats!  
    Florian P.
  • I joined Jitsu in the UK whilst at University for fitness and self defense. I’ve tried other martial arts but nothing was as practical and fun as Jitsu. When I moved to Australia fortunately Sydney club opened and I could continue with this amazing style. Training is practical and challenging so you will not be disappointed. The atmosphere is really friendly and sociable so you will make lifelong friends and have good fun learning an amazing martial art.  
    Stuart S.
  • Paul S.
    UTS Jitsu is an incredible place to train with a strong tight knit relationship between students and teachers. I hope to train there more in the future  
    Paul S.
  • Debra W.
    Six stars! Great Sensei, friendly, encouraging environment. I’ll be back for more…  
    Debra W.