Liability waiver

You, the buyer, acknowledge that you are applying for instruction in martial arts activities involving strenuous exercise and personal body contact. You understand that because of this there is always an inherent risk of injury that cannot be eliminated.

As a condition of being admitted to train with UTS JITSU, you assume the risk of all injuries, losses and damages and do hereby hold UTS JITSU, its staff, instructors and regular members or persons otherwise connected with this club, harmless from any and all liability (including solicitor’s fees and costs) for all claims, actions or damages due to injuries, losses or damage suffered by me or caused to a third party by me during the course of training with UTS JITSU, or arising out of the activities of the Dojo, or any other activities occurring on the premises of UTS JITSU or elsewhere.

You certify that you have no physical condition or illness that would risk your health, or the health of others, in the course of vigorous martial arts training.

For your own training and safety and that of other participants, you agree to conduct myself in a manner consistent with the rules of martial arts etiquette and observe common sense safety.

Photography consent

We may take photographs or videos during any session. Such material may be used for printed publications, marketing emails, our website or any website for marketing purposes.

By proceeding with the purchase you certify that you read, understand and agree to the conditions of this Liability Release and photography consent.

Terms & Conditions

Plans & Fees

  • Standard: $35 weekly
  • UTS staff: $30 weekly
  • UTS students: $20 weekly (includes grading fees)
  • UTS students bulk discount: $180 for 12 weeks (includes grading fees)
  • Other Australian University Students: $25 weekly

Members on the Once a week pack can catch-up a missed session up to two (2) weeks after the missed session. Missed sessions are not refundable.

There are no sessions on Public Holidays. Sessions might be cancelled at any time.
In the event of a Public Holiday or a cancelled session, an additional session will be automatically added at the end of the current paid period of all members.

The Lead Instructor may remove any member from a session if they deem said member’s behaviour unsafe to themselves or others. In the case of such event, no refund will be provided.
Methods of payment

Direct Debit

Direct debit is the preferred payment option and a direct debit form will be provided to you. Direct debit payments are taken fortnightly (every 2 weeks).

An initial non-breakable four (4) weeks period applies when signing up.

Please ensure you have sufficient funds on your account and let us know if you lose your card or it is expired. A $2 fee will be charged in the event of a failed payment.

After the initial four (4) weeks term, it is possible to hold or cancel all fees. A two (2) weeks notice period is needed to process such requests.

Direct debit fees can put on hold for a minimum of two (2) consecutive weeks and a maximum of eight (8) weeks per calendar year.

Hold and cancel requests must be done by email to

Cash & Credit Card

Payments are for a minimum of four (4) weeks at a time.

If you are unable to attend a session(s) within the payment period, please let the instructor know at the time of payment.

We accept Visa, Amex and Mastercard to no surcharge.

No refund is possible once the first paid session has started.

By proceeding with the purchase, you have read and fully understood UTS Jitsu pricing plan.
You understand that prior notification is needed to hold or stop my membership.
You agree to engage myself for a minimum of four (4) weeks.