Regular sessions resume

Sensei Franck is now back in Sydney and hence our regular sessions can resume!

First session will be Monday 24th of October, 7.30pm at the Sydney Uni Sports & Aquatic Centre.

Always told yourself you would try self-defence or a martial art?
Not sure what fun sport you can do to meet people and learn life savings skills?
Come try Jitsu with one free session on us.

Be a better you, do Jitsu!

New locations and timings

The Sydney Jitsu Club has now relocated to Sydney Uni Sports & Aquatic Centre.


Sydney Uni Sports & Aquatic Centre, Darlington Rd & Codrington Street, Darlington NSW 2008.

To get there

  • Redfern train station (10min walk)
  • City Rd Near Butlin Av Bus stop (5min walk) Buses 352, 370, 422, 423, 426, 428, L23, L28, M30


Mondays 19:30-21:00

The new facilities have changing rooms, showers and spring mats. Please be sure to let enough time to get change so that we can start sharp at 7.30pm!

Soji – Dojo cleaning

Big thanks to the jitsukas who gave their Saturday afternoon to help cleaning the Dojo. It was great to see such commitment and dedication from the students. It was not an easy task but the result was definitely worth it.

The Dojo now looks great, ready to host more trainings and welcome more students.

Great job everyone.

Franck of the Sydney Jitsu Club

Anzac day

Great session tonight, very encouraging to see our latest new comers progress so fast! Session will slowly get more intense once you have a base of techniques you can safely used in V’s and circles.

The dojo will be closed for Anzac day so be sure to come this Wednesday as Sensei Filippo is visiting and then we will see you a week after.

Be a better you, do Jitsu!

Sensei Filippo Geremia Visit

Hi All,

Sensei Filippo Geremia will be visiting us on Wednesday 20th of April. The first part of the session would be as usual, Shorinji Kan Jiu-Jitsu. For the second part, Sensei Filippo will take us through some basics of his impressive style.

Sensei Filippo has a wide experience in security and body guarding in top his Japanese Jiu-Jitsu skills. I had several opportunities to train with him at the Centennial Health Club and I look forward for him to share his knowledge with you all.

A session not to miss!

Be a better you, do Jitsu!

Franck Royer of the Sydney Jitsu Club

New Pricing

Hi all,

We realize that the starter pack pricing may have been a bit confusing so we have simplified it… and made it cheaper!

The new pricing from now on is as below.

Session fees
First Month Trial Calendar Month Casual Session
$50 $100 $25
Inc. membership Members only Members only
Half price! Less than $15 per session No commitment

As you can see it is now dead cheap; $50 for your first month means around $3 per hour of jitsu!

We still commit ourselves to provide you quality jitsu and hence sessions still last 2 hours.

Be a better you, do Jitsu!

Easter Monday & Today’s session

Hi All,

Excellent session tonight. Good to see our latest beginners coming back and learning more with us. Already showing what they learnt from last week, great effort! All martial arts need commitment and has for only aim to make you better than you were at the last session!

Great work out for the grades too, going through two men attacks, all armlocks and having a throw check at the end!

Early warning, please note there will be no session on Easter Monday, 28th of March. Enjoy Easter, we will take care of this chocolate calories you may have accumulated on Wednesday 30th of March.

We look forward to seeing you next Monday.

Be a better you, do Jitsu

Monday’s session

Great Session this Monday!

We worked through de ashi barai (advancing foot sweep), knife defence, did many weapon circles and also went through 15 (25 for Blue+!) of our syllabus throws at the end.

Great effort and spirit from everyone.

Rest well and see you Wednesday.

Yesterday’s session


Great to see so many new comers at yesterday’s session! We hope you enjoyed yourself while learning lots! During the session the new comers have covered the following (time to learn the names):

  • Empi uchi (elbow strikes)
  • Hiza geri (knee strikes)
  • Ukemi (break falling)
  • Bottle disarms from shomen (downward strike)
  • O soto gari (throw from punch)
  • Wrist grab releases
  • Jodan ude garami (armlock #3, from knife attack)

We look forward to seeing you back on the mat!

Be a better you, do Jitsu!

Coming Seminar – Defence against armed Attackers – Booking now open

Hi Jitsukas,

Be sure to block your Saturday 19th of March, we have a four hour seminar planned from 11:00am. We will be working on different situations against armed attackers and how we can stay safe and also disarm them efficiently.

Sensei Hime and Sensei Royer will work you through defences against a range of weapons such as short sticks, bottles, knives, broken bottles and chains. You will also have the opportunity to put your new acquired skills to test with a range of realistic exercises.

As usual, the seminar entry will only cost $50. Please note that due to the limited mat space we have to restrict the number of participants. Be sure to book early to avoid disappointment.

For booking, please contact Franck Royer at or 0481090255.

Booking is now open!

Be a better you, do Jitsu.